YARD FORCE Now Expand Product Range into Home Robotic Cleaning Industry with AMIRO brand

YARD FORCE further extends product line-up with R5 robotic vacuum, Convertible vacuuming or Mopping robot, under AMIRO brand, available this September on Amazon.de.

AMIRO R5 robotic vacuum cleaner provides a superior clean in a more efficiently way:

  1. With interchangeable and 2-in-1 dust / water tank, allowing the robot to either vacuum or mop.
  2. LiDAR sensor, the most advanced technology for automatic obstacle avoiding and map generating.
  3. When AMIRO R5 detects it’s on a carpet, it’ll adjust the suction of the vacuum from quiet or standard mode to powerful mode and switches back down when on hardwood automatically.

– AMIRO, a leader in the Home Appliance Industry, today announces the launch of AMIRO R5 now available for consumer purchase on Amazon.de. Outfitted with an interchangeable water tank, AMIRO R5 is a Convertible Floor and carpet cleaning robot that allows consumers to get the efficient cleaning of both mopping and vacuuming thanks to the most advanced technology such as “Automatic Carpet Boost” and “LiDAR Sensor”, covers max. 280 sqm, and compatible with Amazon Alexa. Providing a flexible cleaning experience, AMIRO R5 can go from vacuum to mop, depending on user needs and its intelligent design will make sure no dirt is left behind. 

“The new AMIRO R5 product portfolio aims to assist consumers with the best possible options to create a smarter home and easier cleaning experience that meets all lifestyle needs, whether it be a need for mopping and/or vacuuming,” said Roland Menken, Managing Director of MEROTEC GmbH, “The combination of the interchangeable tank to allow auto mopping in AMIRO R5 along with three-stage cleaning, and a more efficient cleaning path will undoubtedly help deliver a true all floor surface cleaning solution, make home clean and tidy, efficiently and safety.”

AMIRO R5 Robot Vacuum & Mopping Cleaner

AMIRO R5 is equipped to learn the most efficient cleaning path while mopping for consumers’ unique needs and leaving you with a flawless clean, every time. AMIRO R5 feature total wireless control, compatible both with 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz network. With AMIRO R5 doing the challenging work for you no matter your location thanks to AMIRO App, and compatibility with Amazon Alexa.


The new AMIRO R5 comes with Clean-n-Mapping technology, meaning it can clean the house and generate map simultaneously. This robotic vacuum can recognize its environment and position itself in the space wisely, allowing it to follow an efficient cleaning path while delivering a powerful performance. The model is smart home compatible with Amazon Alexa. AMIRO R5 also equips a large lithium-ion battery which could perform 180 mins of cleaning or mopping maximumly.

RRP: € 599

Availability: Exclusively available on Amazon.de.https://www.amazon.de/dp/B093BTDLPQ/

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